Motorturbo & E-asp 1

Electric Motor:

Display:LCD colour display
Dimension main unit:130 x 129 x 54 mm
Weight:600 g
Memory programms:M1-M4
Transmission ratio presets:1:5 1:1 16:1 20:1
Motor speed range:2000-40000 rpm
Motor torque:Max. 3.0 Ncm
Power cable length:1.5 m
Motor tail wire length:2 m

High-speed Handpiece:

Model Maximum allowable motor:E-ASP1
Speed(rpm):40000 rpm
Motor connector:Comply with ISO 3964
Chuck type:Push-button chuck
Bur dimension:Bur shank Ø 1.6 m
Optical fiber:Light guide glass
Cleaning/Sterilisation:Steam autoclave up to 135˚C



Light itensity adjustment

Memory programms switching (M1-M4)

Transmission ratio presets(1:5 1:1 16:1 20:1)


Speed adjustment

  1. Strong cutting power and stable torque output
  2. 4 transmition ratio presets offer thr versatility to choose the right system to fit your treatment needs
  3. The standard four-hole connector of main unit suitable for all types of dental chairs
  4. 4 memory program presets monitor speed and direction
  5. LCD touch screen and color display provide an intutive user interface to reduce time spent making adjustments
  6. Reliable security alarm system

Long-lasting bruchless motor with a cooling system

  • More comfotable
    • A strong cooling system provides patients with a comfortable temperature in treatment
  • Longer lifetime
    • Bruchless DC motor lifespan is approximately 6 times higher than counter brushed DC motor
  • Quieter
    • Produce comparatively low operating noise as compared to other motors of the same ratings
  • More efficient
    • A very compact and small-sized bruchless DC motor provides maximum torque continuously during rotation

E-asp 1

  • LED fiber optics
    • Shines light directly during the preparation,improving visibility tremendously
    • Reduces visual fatigue and stress
  • Ergonomic design
    • Enhances grip for better control
  • Super strong push button chuck system
    • Enhanced bur retention and long-lasting reliability
    • Time saving and quick bur change
  • Durable components
    • Achieve long-lasting performance through repeated sterilization
  • Multi-port spray
    • Keeps the bur cool while whisking debris