Take a look at all Dura-vit implant lines and discover their potential to help you improve your daily clinical practice and the results of your work.6 lines specifically designed for any need, two connections to simplify the management of components and work in absolute safety.


Regeneration in dentistry is a practice used to restore volume in both hard and soft tissues to recreate the aesthetic and functional balance of a certain area of the oral cavity. In implantology, regeneration can facilitate implant placement or is also used to improve aesthetic results as it lends tissues a more natural appearance by creating profiles that are more in line with the physiognomy of the face or oral cavity.B&B Dental has developed a comprehensive line of materials and tools to improve implant results. B&B Dental’s philosophy is always that production starts with the careful selection of raw materials, which are then processed using innovative methods, in order to offer quality products that have passed strict scrutiny by our experts.