E-connect S

  1. All in one
  2. Easy to use, ample options and unlimited possibilities
  3. Rotational Speed Range: 120-1000 RPM
  4. 340-degree rotational adjustable handpiece to ease up its usage inside every mouth angle
  5. Suitable for left-handed users
  6. Miniature head of the Endomotor that makes it suitable for patient with limited mouth opening
  7. Memory Programs:  11(M0-M10)most of familiar programs have developed and can update it when present
  8. REC-Reciprocation Movement, First-in-class cordless open motor with adjustable angles of rotation from 30° to 370° for reciprocation as per user’s need and feature of speed adjustment in reciprocation mode
  9. Intelligence system that makes it easier and more comfortable during the treatment
  10. ATC-Adaptive Torque Control: ATC manages the files stress in a smart way. When torque limit is reached, instead of going into reverse mode, motor reciprocates till the stress is reduced. Once back to below pre-set torque level, file will again rotate in continuous rotation
  11. Built-in Apex Locator to measure the working length before and during instrumentation to save the apical constriction
  12. Available with rechargeable 1500 ma battery provides long term usage
  13. Real warranty: 18 months

There are demonstration videos with the product image. Watch them


E-CONNECT S Brochure