Tube Voltage:65 kV
Tube Current:2 mA
Exposure Time Range:0.02-2 Sec
Weight:1.9 kg
Battery:2000mAh X4
Line Voltage:100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz




  1. Large Battery Capacity
    • More than 300 expocures in one full charge
  2. Receptor
    • Use with film, digital sensor, phosphor plate
  3. Locking System
  4. Preset Parameter
    • Divided into adults and children, and can be set and controlled for different teeth
  5. Smart angulation system, faster your workflow
  6. Economical
    • Use with film, digital sensor or phosphor plate
    • Prolonged working life, at least 80,000 exposures
  7. Safe
    • Internal x-ray shielding
    • Lockig system to avoid unintentional exposure
    • Backscatter shield for operator and patient protection(optional)
  8. Portable
    • Cordless, handheld and extremely mobile,move freely between rooms, locations and cities