Helios 600

  1. Small enough to operate it easily, though it achieves a 16mm x 14mm high-definition field of view.
  2. Removable scanner tip – 2 optional sizes, 16*14 mm (L) / 12*12 mm (S).
  3. One of the most accurate and fastest scanners on the market.
  4. High accuracy with automatic and adaptive calibration.
  5. Cloud Storage.
  6. 198 grams, one of the most lightweight scanners on the market, well-balanced, ergonomically designed, and easy to carry.
  7. 3D video recording technology.
  8. You can take a full arch scan in less than 30 seconds.
  9. The average deviation of a in-vivo full arch scan is around 20μm.
  10. The lens is equipped with LED light and anti-fogging.
  11. Two start /stop buttons are provided on both sides for easier scanning.
  12. USB port for power delivery and data transfer 1.8m length.
  13. Attitude sensor for a better interaction with customers.
  14. Button for switching the upper jaw, lower jaw or bite mode.
  15. Remote connection.

There are demonstration videos with the product image. Watch them