F One Blue

  1. New generation of one file systems
  2. Better efficient cutting, time and effort efficiency and easy to use
  3. One file is enough to complete the shaping and apply least efforts on the root due to cross sectional of the file
  4. AF™-R wire; Improved resistant; 600% higher resistance to cyclic fatigue than normal Ni-Tiwire and add oxide titanium surface layer
  5. Inactive Tip: Advanced tip process to avoid forming steps; Suitable for curved canals
  6. Magic Flat Design:

Provides space inside the canal to store irrigation fluid and collect debris to extract them to orifice

Reduce cutting edges along with the file on one side to reduce cyclic fatigue on the file

  1. 11mm file shank that makes F one suitable for molar treatment with limited mouth opening
  2. All Fanta files are heat treated and rewarded ISO and FDA
  3. Available sizes:

F one 35/04, F one 30/06, F one 30/04, F one 25/06,

F one 25/04, F one 20/06, F one 20/04