E-connect Pro

  1. Cordless Endo-Motor which can connect directly to apex locator
  2. Miniature head of the Endo-Motor that makes it suitable for patients with limited mouth opening
  3. Shank of the handpiece is narrow to ease up its usage inside every mouth angle
  4. The head of the handpiece can be sterilized in autoclave
  5. Rotational Speed Range: 120-1000 RPM
  6. 9 editable memory programs (M1 to M9) with five reciprocation modes (MO) in one mode
  7. Self-maintenance system to ensure torque’s efficiency
  8. Suitable for left-handed users
  9. Endo-Motor can integrate with apex locator which gives you smart features like auto start & stop and indicate the apical constriction
  10. Reduce torque and speed while approaching from the apical

There are demonstration videos with the product image. Watch them


E-Connect & E-Pex Brochure


E-connect Pro service manual